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Our event specialists can help you choose a menu and plan event details that will make your event memorable.


Traditional Buffet

$13.90 per person

Deluxe Buffet Dinner

$22.40 per person

Formal Banquet Buffet

$28.40 per person

q       Chicken Breast

q       Ham

q       Meat Lasagna

q       Vegetarian Lasagna

q       Spaghetti, Linguini or Tortellini with sauces

q       Chunked or Sliced Beef

q       Sliced or Pulled Pork Roast

q       Swiss Baked Steak


q       Boneless Pork Chop

q       Marinated Pork Chop

q       Kabobs             

(Beef, Chicken, Seafood or Combo)


q       Prime Rib

q       Marinated Pork Chop

q       Baked or Broiled Fish 

(Choose:  Cod Fillet  Orange Roughy)


All entrées can be enhanced or served with any of the following for an additional $.60 per serving:

Chef Reed’s Glaze, Gravy, Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers, Alfredo, Barbeque, Garlic & Butter Sauce, White Wine Sauce, Teriyaki, Crusted, or topped with Black Bean Sauce or Fruit


STARCH SIDES  (choice of one)

q       Buttered Parsley Potato

q       Scallop Potato

q       Cheese Party Potato

q       Whipped Potato (Plain, twice baked, garlic, w/gravy, loaded)

q       Baked Potato

q       Dressing with or without Raisins

q       Rice Pilaf

q       Noodles

q       Pasta as a side (Marinara, Alfredo, Garlic Butter & Parmesan or with Cheese)


VEGETABLES (choice of one)


q       Com

q       Chef Reed's Glazed Baby Carrots

q       Blend, Broccoli & Cauliflower

q       Green Beans as a Casserole, or with Ham, or Almandine

q       Baked Beans

SALADS (choice of one)


q       Chef Reed's House Salad w/Raspberry Vinaigrette

q       Classic Caesar Salad

q       7 Layer Salad

q       Fruit Tray or Fruit Cup (Seasonal Fresh Fruit or Canned Mixed Fruit)

q       Vegetable Tray with dip


q       Rolls or Bread

q       Coffee

q       Water

There is no hidden costs!


Traditional Buffet Package includes:  Wedding buffet dinner service (including bride and groom) with choice of two 4-6 ounce entrées from menu 1, Twelve hour hall rental add on at $500, Buffet attendants and busboys, Plastic dinner and flatware, premium, colored paper dinner napkins at buffer serving table; Bartenders, The Traditional Buffet Package also includes table and hall decorations without candles,
Deluxe Dinner Buffet Package includes: Wedding table service includes glass dinnerware, stainless flatware, wine and water glasses for the wedding party and welding table will be served. Guest buffet dinner includes choice of two 6-8 ounce entrees from menu 1 and/or 2, Twelve hour hall rental, Wedding Buffet attendants, Cake cutter, Busboys, and Bartenders; Plastic Dinnerware at the guest dinner buffet; Wedding guest banquet tables will be pre-set with Table scarves, stainless flatware, water glasses, salads and choice of colored or white linen napkins Table and hall decorations may include candles;
Formal Dinner Package includes: Wedding table service includes bride and groom's table set with glass dinnerware, stainless flatware and wine and water glassware and wedding party will be served. Guest buffet dinner includes choice of two 8-10 ounce entrees from menu 1, 2 or 3, Twelve hour hall rental; Buffet attendants, Cake Cutter, Busboys, and Bartenders, Wedding guest tables will be pre-set with colored lines or scarves, glass dinnerware for all guests, stainless dinner flatware, water (and wine glasses if applicable), salads and linen fan folded napkins arranged on all banquet tables.


Note:  All packages include plastic beverage and bar ware unless specified; banquet table floor length skirts, white table clothes, pleated table skirting on wedding table, cake table, and gift table; Additional banquet hall rental time will be billed at $25.00 per hour; Appetizer relish and cheese trays are available.  Prices for appetizers start at an additional $1.00 per person when added to buffet package; Prepaid bar and beverage service or cash bar is available upon request.  Decorative chair covers are available for an additional $4.00 per chair pre-paid one month in advance (no refunds).  We can also accommodate additional reserved tables with table service rather than buffet.  Premium colored dinner napkins, bar service napkins and cake plates and napkins are also available upon request with each of the dinner packages.  Additional bartenders, servers, and other attendants are available for $15.00 per hour.  Access to banquet hall prior to the day of the event will be charged at $50 per day.


Food items are taxable and meals are subject to change based on market pricing.  Cost will vary by portion size and enhancements (such as sauces) that are added to the menu item.  A complete contract price or cost per person can be calculated once selections have been made.  Alcoholic Beverages are not included in per person banquet price.